Wearing Explorer Armor.

The Adventurer is the start hero you get at the start of the game. It is a well balanced hero that will allow a good attack and defense. However, what the Adventurer really excells at is gathering Items and Resources from the enemies. With Skills like [Scavenge] and [Pickpocket] a group of Adventurer's can quickly gather missing items and resources.

Building Requirements

The Adventurer Pub. - Level Cap L12

The Adventurer Tavern - Level Cap L18


Scrapper Set - Adventurer Pub

Explorer Set - Adventurer Tavern

Where to buy that Start Sword?

You can buy the starter sword from the [Weapon Shop]


Level Required What it does
Level 1
Startskill Melee
Level 3
Adventure l3 scavenge
Level 5
L5 Adventure Ability FirstAttack
Level 10
L10 Adventure Pickpocket


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