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At the date(Aug 24, 2012) of writing this article, the inventory seems to be infinite. We have not discovered the limit of items an account can hold. There are 8 categories of items in ths game:

General GoodsEdit

This category contains food, potions and Zoning Permit.


Artifacts are used to upgrade buildings in your Town. They are obtained by successfully defeating Floors in the Tower.

Crafting MaterialEdit

These are needed to craft Weapons and Armor in your Hero Guilds. Some items are obtained when by Rallying on actions in your Town such as Wood production, Weapon crafting, and lessening building time.Items such as Socks are obtained from visiting your friends Towns. The bulk of your crafting material will come from Monster drops.


Obtained by paying Paramins, or visiting your friends' Towns, they do not have stats attributes.


All the headgear you've obtained are found here.


The inventory of armor.


Contains your Bows, Swords, Spears, Maces, etc.

Everything ElseEdit

As the name implies, this is where all the miscellaneous items come.

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